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Established in 2000 at UC Berkeley, the War Crimes Studies Center (WCSC) is a university based research organization dedicated to promoting the rule of law, accountability, and human rights around the world, particularly in post-conflict societies.

Relying on a small core staff of lawyers, scholars, student interns, and volunteers, the Center concentrates its resources where it can make a real difference in post-conflict societies seeking to come to terms with their violent past and provide their citizens with justice and accountability.


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Special Report: Ieng Thirith’s Fitness to Stand Trial, December 2012

AIJI is publishing this report as a separate addendum to the regular weekly monitoring report in order to discuss the 13 November 2012 appeal hearing before the...


KRT Trial Monitor

Facing Justice, Episode 46

‘Facing Justice’ has returned to Cambodian TV screens after a break of several months. This is the 4 […]

KRT Trial Monitor C002/02 – Initial Hearing (30 July 2014)

On 30 July 2014, the Trial Chamber of the ECCC presided over an Initial Hearing in Case  002/02 agai […]

Facing Justice, Episode 45

This is the 45th episode of a series of weekly TV reports about the proceedings in the second Khmer […]

Facing Justice, Episode 44

‘Facing Justice’ returns to Cambodian TV screens after a break of several months. This is the 44th e […]

Closing Statements in Case 002/01

October 2013 saw three weeks of closing statements in Case 002/01 by parties and  statements from Co […]